Crypt Busters Terms and Conditions *Discord,Twitter

– Before applying, please be sure to read these Terms and Conditions set forth by Ateam Entertainment Inc.
– By submitting your entry, you acknowledge that you agree with the Terms and Conditions.

1. Campaign outline

– For information on how to apply, prizes, and application period, please refer to the campaign page.

2. Application process

– In any of the following cases, you will not be eligible.
1) When the application status cannot be confirmed due to deletion of retweets, etc.
2) If you retweet outside of the campaign period.
3) If you retweet from a private account.
4) Retweeting through means other than the official Twitter retweet function.
5) If you leave the Crypt Busters Discord server
6) If you have not fulfilled the conditions to join the campaign within the campaign period

– Please note that applications and winners that fall into any of the following conditions will also be deemed invalid.
1) When it is deemed that the information registered on the campaign page is false or insufficient.
2) When it is deemed that the user has violated or is likely to violate these Terms and Conditions.
3) When it is deemed that a third party’s Twitter account has been used illegally.
4) When it is deemed that the Twitter Terms of Service set forth by X Corp. have been violated.
5) When it is deemed that a third party’s Discord account has been used illegally.
6) When it is deemed that the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines set forth by Discord Inc. have been violated.
7) When it is deemed that the post is made for business or commercial purposes, or involves political or religious activities.
8) When it is deemed that the activity is or may be criminal, offensive to public order and morals, or otherwise in violation of laws, regulations, or ordinances.
9) When we deem that there is a problem from an ethical standpoint, such as discrimination against a specific nation, religion, race, ethnic group, or organization.
10) When it is deemed that the post may infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks, design rights, publicity rights, likeness usage rights, privacy rights, or other rights of third parties.
11) Any other cases that we deem inappropriate.

3. Regarding drawing and winners

1) Regarding drawing
– The prize drawing for this campaign will be conducted among those who have fulfilled all of the requirements in the “How to Apply” section on the campaign page during the campaign application period.
– Each user is limited to one entry to this campaign, and multiple entries will be treated as one.
– We will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the status of campaign entries or drawing results.
2) Regarding picking winners
– Winners will be announced on the campaign page on the date and time stated on the same page.
– The winning entry is valid only for the entrant and is non-transferable.
3) Regarding receipt of prizes
– Prizes will be available in-game after Crypt Busters is launched.


▼How to receive prize
Log in to the game with your MetaMask account registered at the time of participation in the campaign and receive your prize from the in-game gift box.
*Please note in advance that the user is responsible for any fees (gas fees) incurred at the time of receipt of the prize.


4. Regarding processing personal information

– Personal information received will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy (

5. Other notes

– Internet connection and related fees are to be handled by the user. We are not responsible for any connection problems.
– We will not be liable for any trouble with entrants or third parties regarding this campaign, or for any damage caused by errors in user provided information.
– This campaign may end earlier than the stated period.
– The contents of Terms and Conditions and all information related to this campaign are subject to change without prior notice.

6. For inquiries regarding this campaign

Please contact us via the official Crypt Busters Discord with inquiries.